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ghosting sucks

Ghosting sucks. ⠀

Cutting off communication with someone without any kind of an explanation can cause feelings of rejection, insecurity, inadequacy, out of control, confused, hurt, and powerless. So why on earth do we do it?!⠀

Ghosting allows us to avoid any emotional discomfort or consequence. We get to act in our best interest without thinking about how the other person may feel. It also doesn't help that it's become the norm so we've become quite desensitized to it. ⠀

But I'm over this boo-sheet. I'm over seeing so many amazing and badass people question every little thing about themselves to the point where they don't think they're worth anything or anyone. I'm over hearing how much closure people aren't getting. I'm over hearing how disrespectful and discouraging dating culture is. So let's put these ghosts to rest by treating each other with some respect and consideration.⠀

One more thing.⠀

If you're in an abusive or manipulative relationship and/or your partner is violating your boundaries, you have full permission to cut off communication with that person. You do not owe them any explanation, and you deserve to feel safe.

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