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Setting boundaries is hard work (shout out to all my fellow people pleasers). Setting boundaries with our time and technology is even harder. ⠀

But we have to. It's imperative to our overall health and our chance at feeling like a somewhat functioning human. If we don't, we become burnt out, irritable, and overwhelmed, and we tend to take it out on the people around us. ⠀

The smallest changes can have the greatest impact when it comes to implementing boundaries. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:⠀

- Evaluate which notifications you truly need and which you can turn off⠀

- Set daily screen time limits for specific apps that you find yourself endlessly scrolling on⠀

- Resist the temptation to respond to work messages after you've left the office or logged off unless it's truly an emergency⠀

- Schedule do not disturb or downtime periods on your phone while you're sleeping⠀

- Try engaging in only one screen at a time (ex. limiting phone usage while watching tv)

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