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couples counseling

The same damn argument keeps happening. Words cut like a knife and create tension that lasts for days, even weeks. 

Sex is a chore. You do it because it’s important to your partner, and you don’t want to feel guilty or reject them one more time. You’re uncomfortable with the idea of being naked, both physically and emotionally. 

Divorce is right around the corner. This is your last ditch effort, and let’s be honest, you don’t really think therapy can turn this sinking ship around. 

Trusting your partner seems impossible. You’ve been hurt over and over again and being vulnerable is fucking terrifying. You’re desperate to feel safe and secure in your relationship. 

You dream of the days where you co-existed without jumping down each other’s throats or that honeymoon phase where you couldn’t keep your hands off one another. You wish your partner could understand how you felt and actually gave a shit about you and your feelings. You want to be the role model for your kids that you never had growing up. You just want things to not be so damn difficult. 

Relationships are no joke. They’re challenging, at times excruciating, rewarding, and everything in between. Sharing your life with another human is hard fucking work. Couples therapy can make that work more effective and efficient by teaching you how to respectfully fight, listen, and understand one another. I want you to reconnect in your relationship and learn how to keep that connection thriving, even during the really difficult times.

Let’s weather all seasons together.

Courage is like a muscle ; it is strengthened by use.

Ruth Gordon

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