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couples retreats

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October 24-27, 2022 outside of Asheville, NC

The demands of everyday life, kids, and jobs leave you with nothing left to give.
You find yourself wondering how you and your partner drifted so far apart from one another.
Arguments just keep going around and around without any direction or understanding. 
Your relationship isn't in crisis*, but you are craving connection.

You need room to grow. 

Evergreen is an intimate, all-inclusive couples retreat built to help you and your partner reconnect and learn how to build healthy communication. It will be held at the beautiful Brown Mountain Beach Resort, just 1.5 hours from both Asheville and Charlotte airports. 
Only 8 couples will be joining us for this incredible getaway so be sure to book your spot today! 

$2,000 per person includes:
4 days/3 nights private lodging in a creekside yurt with a hot tub
All meals professionally catered, including hand-delivered breakfasts
Guided relationship-enhancing exercises from an industry expert
Immersive natural surroundings to help you center and reconnect
Gottman Relationship Builder lifetime access (worth over $500)
Individually-tailored coaching available
...and more!

Other couples retreats occur on the weekend, but we here at Pinewood have been intentional with scheduling Evergreen during the week. This allows you and your partner to truly prioritize your relationship, as well as gain some processing time before having to face everyday life again.

*If you or your partner are experiencing active addiction, abuse, or are having an affair, please seek couples counseling instead. You can find a list of Gottman-trained professionals here

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